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Here at The Charred Barrel Society, we take pride in providing real reviews for real people. We do not put our sole focus on the expensive bottles, regardless of how much we may enjoy them. We review the everyday charred barrel beverages that you will see at your local gathering place or store. Our reviews are based on a sliding scale that is determined by price and blind taste. Read More

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    January 26, 2017
    11:15 am
    Written By CharredDave

    When it comes to whiskey and stereo types, I believe that Wild Turkey is one of those whiskies that carry a lot of them. It's a cheap one, for country folk. Its got a turkey on the front. There should be at least two empty bottles on the floor boards of your truck, and there are probably empty ones on the side of the street somewhere in the country. Well the society turned a blind eye to the stereotypes and tasted this one blind. This is the beauty of how we preform a society review. They are always done blind.

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    November 22, 2016
    11:11 am
    Written By Kevin DeShields

    Now where were we…. I know it’s been ages since our last review.  Sometimes life can get the better of you and your free time.  But we are happy to finally be back at it here at the Charred Barrel Society.  And we’re glad that you’ve stuck around. Since it’s been a while, let me just remind everyone that all of our tastings are done blind.  Nobody reviewing the whiskey knows what they are drinking.  Everybody writes down their thoughts and gives it a score.  We take those scores and average them for the official Charred Barrel Society finger pour

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    April 19, 2016
    11:38 am
    Written By CharredDave

    Woodford Reserve has always been the standard for what a good whiskey should be. We have given it as gifts. We have received it as gifts. Woodford is what we got each other when we wanted to do something nice or for special occasions. When a memorable whiskey was needed, more times than I can count, Woodford was the whiskey of choice.  Now, was this due to incredible marketing? Or can a drink be that palatable that it gets passed around via word of mouth? Is it some combination of the two? Or, is there an endless circle of comfortability?

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One of the best ways to taste is out of a Glencairn glass.  Their unique shape help funnel the right nose and pallet so you get the highest tasting experience.