Jeremiah Wilde

As The Charred Barrel Society expands is taste, the next logical place for us is the category of music.  Being that we all come different musical backgrounds, Bands on Bourbon easily seemed like the next direction for The Society.  We kick off this series with the band Jeremiah Wilde.

Jeremiah Wilde EP album cover.

Jeremiah Wilde EP album cover.

A North Carolina band gifted with the ability to blur the lines between genres with songs that deliver exhilarating blasts of alt rock magic, superbly crafted pop hooks, and achingly beautiful heartland melodies; in the midst of all this, Jeremiah Wilde swiftly changes gear into passionate soulful cries of convincing rhythm and blues.

They dare to craft music that cuts to the heart with breathtaking honesty, unabashed originality, and intoxicating sonic potency.

Brimming over with the creative conventions of a savvy indie-rock band, they still manage to bring the lyrical content of a classic American folk singer. In the midst of this, they surprisingly display the firepower of garage rock.

Jeremiah Wilde is a melting pot of sonic diversity that refuses to be shackled to a single overarching genre. Instead, the men of Wilde have set out to create something new and multifaceted. A sound that is as polished and sharp as a diamond, yet powerful and rousing; gleaming with vibrant guitar lines that deftly embrace, amplify, and galvanize the diverse array of melodies they effortlessly wrap around.

They are anchored however, with a rhythm section that builds, crests, and breaks with abandoned fury through a torrent of driving rock patterns that shimmer under melodic currents of surging guitars that scream, weep, rage, and crash across the senses, only to then be glossed by polychromatic keys that are subtle and captivating all at once. Every one of these sounds are topped with infectious vocal melodies that are filled with lyrical depth and sincere poetic beauty.

A sound fostered by the dreams of its creators and their hearts deepest desires, regrets, struggles, fears, ambitions, and faith to which they are ultimately bound.


Review from Charlotte’s Creative Loafing
Jeremiah Wilde
Love, Marriage, and Civil War (March 5) — Formed roughly three years ago out of the remnants of Charlotte rock quintet Vess, Jeremiah Wilde features singer Jeremy Vess and guitarist Jeremy Mullis alongside drummer Kevin Dudley, keyboardist Trenton Starnes and bassist Noah Smith. Where Vess played a heavier rock, Jeremiah Wilde strays more into the indie realm inhabited by bands like Modest Mouse — sans quirkiness. Jeremiah Wilde previously released a few singles online, but this is the band’s true debut release — a six-song EP that shows promise and experience, especially on the album’s standout track, “Gold and Diamonds” which uses funkier rhythms in its structure.

Here is a little sample from the EP.


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