Kentucky Straight Bourbon 92 Proof


High Value


After the surprising results from our first review, we at The Charred Barrel Society were eager to continue the blind review process. We are happy to say this time around – we were equally as surprised.

The Nose:

Approaching the bourbon with the nose, there was a pleasant, not overbearing, sweetness. Notes of caramel, vanilla, leather, and freshly cut grass were present.

The Tasting:

The initial tasting confirmed the caramel notes found in the nose. Larceny is a relatively sweet bourbon. However, this sweetness was pleasantly complimented by the warm burn from its 92 proof strength.

If there is one thing that sets Larceny apart from other whiskies in its price range, it is the fantastic lingering aftertaste. This is a bourbon that you can easily take your time drinking with a friend over the course of an evening.

The Verdict and Reveal:

Before we were told what we were drinking, the Society gave Larceny Bourbon a rating of 2.8 fingers (on a scale of 0-4). We consider this a very respectable score. This was only amplified when we realized we were tasting a bourbon that is relatively inexpensive – ~$25 for a fifth.


We consider Larceny a “high” value bourbon. This is a drink you can easily enjoy neat without it hurting your wallet. At the same time, Larceny can sit proud on your shelf.

To Friends, Fellowship, and the Society.


  1. This is one of my favorite sub-$30 Bourbons. I tend to favor the sweeter, softer Bourbons (as I came to Bourbon from Irish Whiskey), and this hits all my buttons. I’ve heard it described as “pancakes with maple syrup”, but with a long warm finish. I find Makers Mark harsh in comparison.

  2. I forgot to mention another aspect I like about Larceny: it is versatile. It is great neat, holds up to ice or water, and mixes well for cocktails. It goes on sale here in VA for ~$26.

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