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Here at The Charred Barrel Society, we take pride in providing real reviews for real people. We do not put our sole focus on the expensive bottles, regardless of how much we may enjoy them. We review the everyday charred barrel beverages that you will see at your local gathering place or store. Our reviews are based on a sliding scale that is determined by price and blind taste. Read More

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    April 24, 2015
    11:20 am
    Written By Kevin DeShields

    After the surprising results from our first review, we at The Charred Barrel Society were eager to continue the blind review process. We are happy to say this time around - we were equally as surprised. The Nose: Approaching the bourbon with the nose, there was a pleasant, not overbearing, sweetness. Notes of caramel, vanilla, leather, and freshly cut grass were present. The Tasting: The initial tasting confirmed the caramel notes found in the nose. Larceny is a relatively sweet bourbon. However, this sweetness was pleasantly complimented by the warm burn from its 92 proof strength. If there is one

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    April 7, 2015
    10:34 pm
    Written By CharredDave

    We tend to think of ourselves as pretty opened minded and open taste-budded reviewers. Our mind and bud perspectives were thrown for a loop with this past blind review. With the beauty of The Charred Barrel Society's blind review process, we tend to find ourselves continually surprised with the results of our blind taste test. However, with this week's TCBS review of Knob Creek's small batch 1oo proof aged 9 year Kentucky straight bourbon, the results were not what we were initially expecting of this perceived mid to top-shelf bourbon. The Tasting: The night started with a simple bottle of

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One of the best ways to taste is out of a Glencairn glass.  Their unique shape help funnel the right nose and pallet so you get the highest tasting experience.