Whiskey Warehouse Bar Review

The Charred Barrel Society recently visited Whiskey Warehouse in Charlotte, NC. I had never visited the location before, so I was excited about the chance to hang out with friends, drink some whiskey and enjoy a new venue.

The aesthetic is rustic – reclaimed lumber lines the walls and floors and old whiskey barrels surround the entrance. The bar is large and L-shaped with more rustic wood. The back of the bar is filled with a wide selection of bourbon, whiskey, scotch and other liquors.

Full-Width-Bar-Shot A compilation of the three drink sections of Whisky Warehouse’s drink options.  Take note that not all sections have only the items from the title on the mirror.

Although the décor is incredible, it’s sadly overshadowed by televisions . I was not expecting a sports bar, but essentially that’s what it is – a sports bar with a rustic flair and a lean towards the whiskey crowd. The bar was pretty loud so conversations were limited. (I do feel like I should point out that the USA Women’s Soccer team was playing in the World Cup and the NBA Finals were at game four, so people were pretty riled up.) Still, I can’t imagine this place being quiet enough to have a good conversation without asking someone to repeat themselves every now and then. Rumor has it that the food is really good, but we didn’t get a chance to test the kitchen.

The full drink menu

The full drink menu

The most important and, thankfully, great part of Whiskey Warehouse – the whiskey selection. They boast 20 bourbons, 15 American whiskeys, 10 Irish whiskeys, 5 Canadian whiskies and 30 different kinds of scotch. With that many choices, even the pickiest drinker can find something. My personal recommendation is Woodford Old Fashioned.

So, how did we rate Whiskey Warehouse?

Decor : 2 Fingers

Whiskey selection : 2.5 Fingers

Atmosphere : .5 Fingers

Overall finger score : 1.6 Fingers

To Friends, Fellowship, and The Society.


This is where the map comes in.

Whiskey Warehouse | Charlotte, NC


Whiskey, food, and fun in historic Plaza Midwood. We have the best patio in Charlotte, TOP SHELF on the roof!
1221 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 334-7005

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