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Wild Turkey 101

When it comes to whiskey and stereo types, I believe that Wild Turkey is one of those whiskies that carry a lot of them. It’s a cheap one, for country folk. Its got a turkey on the front. There should be at least two empty bottles on the floor boards of your truck, and there are probably empty ones on the side of the street somewhere in the country. Well the society turned a blind eye to the stereotypes and tasted this one blind.

This is the beauty of how we preform a society review. They are always done blind. Its just us and the whiskey. With its color, fragrance, taste, burn, and aftertaste. These are the things that should determine if we enjoy a whiskey, not the marketing or the perceived persona that goes with the name and bottle.

Wild Turkey 101 has a sweet and pleasant aroma.  The expected notes of caramel and vanilla are present.  However, there is also a wonderful complexity found.  Pine, mint, and leather also made itself known.  Also notable is the fact that although this bourbon is higher in proof, there was little harshness found in the nose.

Even though Wild Turkey 101 comes in a little hot on the pallet up front, it isn’t as harsh as other bourbons found at a similar proof.  You may want to add a couple drops of water to open this whiskey up if you find the need.  That said, the notes of mint are reinforced on the pallet.  Notes of cinnamon, nut, and even moss can also be found.  

Wild Turkey 101 has a medium but pleasant nutty finish with hints of malt.  This isn’t a bourbon that you need to keep sipping in order to cover an unpleasant after taste. 

The Charred Barrel Society gives Wild Turkey 101 a blind finger pour rating of 2.2.  Considering a bottle can be found for around $25, we feel this bourbon has a medium to high value.  This bourbon serves as an excellent whiskey to be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail.  

So if you’ve shied away from Wild Turkey in the past, we can confidently recommend the 101 offering, especially when it’s cold outside!  To friends, fellowship, and the society.

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